changing old habits

I have been doing a lot of development on my Cr-48 lately.  And as I sit here coding away I wanted to note how useful chrome is to me as a developer.  As I have written about previously there is a plethora of web-based IDEs to develop with in Chrome OS.  So what I have been finding particularly useful regardless of the development environment is something any chrome user (I'm talking browser now, not OS) can utilize...the Chrome Developer Tools.  Before I received my Cr-48, the majority of my browser based debug sessions lived in Firefox with the amazing and powerful tool Firebug, but thanks to Google I was forced to try something new.  I thought nothing else compared to Firebug (I am not going to speak out against Firefox or Firebug as both are spectacular), but as I have familiarized myself with the Chrome tools I find they are just as powerful and robust.  I love how easy it is to inspect an element on the page and edit CSS and JavaScript, check network events, record a timeline, or just drill through local variables in the console.  So if you are like I was, before you move from chrome to some other tool just to step through your JavaScript in the console, stop and give the Chrome Developer Tools a try, you might decide to stay.