Chrome OS Everyday

Writing code in the browser with Chrome OS is an important item for me as a developer and there are a growing number of apps available to get your geek on in the cloud, but what else is awesome on Chrome OS?  Tons of things.  I have been almost exclusively utilizing my Cr-48 since early February at home, with the exception of my taxes (chrome beta/dev wasn't supported),  some photo management, the time when the developer build rendered the OS impossible to use (hooray for being a test pilot), and the occasional connection to my remote work computer.  So it is promising that I am able to find a replacement for everything I do on a computer in Chrome OS with limited exceptions.  What else?

I recently have been running some rigorous durability tests on my Cr-48, or I guess I should say Preschooler compatibility tests.  I realized this was needed when I arrived at my son's daycare to see a dozen preschoolers huddled around a computer clicking things and learning their letters, numbers, and sequences.  At home my son enjoys the stock windows Paint... a bunch.  What could I use on the Cr-48?  deviantArt muro is a cool choice although it took us a bit to get used to the track pad.  Of course the Chrome web store has many options like Poppit, a balloon popping game which really tests the durability of the track pad.  But one of my favorite apps is MeeGenius! Children's Books, which reads classic children's books out loud and highlights the words as it reads.  Our favorite kid friendly site is and has been the PBS kids site which as an avid PBS kids family is full of friendly educational games from our most familiar characters.

For me, I have recently been utilizing my Cr-48 to read books on Google Books.  It may not read super easy in direct sunlight, but I can read at night without a light.  There are tons of books, "over 3 million", which is enough to keep any reader busy for a while.  So there is plenty for everyone on Chrome OS, especially for everyday computer needs.