Every time I attend a conference or get bogged down following all the new tools and frameworks that are coming out in the front-end development world (which seems to happen daily) - I decide that I want to write a talk about how we as developers can optimize our front-ends without rewriting everything from scratch. I finally was able to get an abstract for a talk that will address such things written a month or so ago. I then decided to submit this talk to DevObjective, a conference happening in Minnesota in May. I feel that this talk might hit well with the audience as one of the things that stood out for me from the conference site was the following sentence:

Cutting edge stuff is awesome, but most people are more concerned about getting their jobs done now

I feel that this hits home with me, as I love to just be able to get my job done now. I’m not saying that we can’t enjoy the advances made by new and modern frameworks, even if we are working on a years/or decades old project, but we can make smart choices to modernize our applications. Luckily my talk was accepted and I’ll be speaking about “Front-end Modernization for Mortals” in May at Dev Objective.

I’m excited to be joining a group of speakers who will be discussing a wide variety of topics from which any developer should be able to gain some valuable knowledge for their daily jobs. If these sound like something you would be interested in, you should join me at the conference in May!

At the time of this writing, there is still time for the early bird pricing if you click the banner below: