jQuery Mobile

I have been fortunate enough to have the opportunity to speak at several jQuery Conferences in the past two years.
The focus of most of my talks, and most of my day-to-day work actually, is based around building mobile web applications
with jQuery Mobile and Cordova, two wonderful open source projects. During these conferences I was able to meet
and get to know many new friends and fellow developers, including many of the folks on the jQuery team. Eventually,
while in Vienna at jQuery Europe I was talking with Alex, the lead of jQuery Mobile and he suggested that I start
contributing to the project.

I have been fortunate enough to have an employer who is generous enough to allow my some time to donate to the project
and I have been contributing through bug-triage, pull requests, and generally just trying not to get in the way since
March of this year. I have already learned a ton and am always encouraged by the support of the jQuery team and the
advice they give.

Yesterday - 6 October 2014 - I was officially made a member of the jQuery Team. I am honored to have this opportunity
and am excited to join the team of people whom I have come to know over the past two years. I am also pretty excited about the opportunity to continue to do what I have been doing all this year, just now I have access to the GitHub repositories.