Months ago I set out to create a nodejs based app for one of our office favorite games - Wizard (the ultimate game of trump). I started the project by myself, but after I got it to the point where I thought it could really become something I enlisted the help of a friend to help contribute to really speed up the development. Things went well and we reached the point  somewhere around SXSW 2012 where it became playable and testable, though admittedly it is still in a fairly unstable state. We had privately hosted it on Bitbucket and collaborated through there, but I decided today that we are going to unleash it as a public repo on Github.  So there it is. You can create your own instance of it and test and contribute (pull requests, issues, etc) as much as you like.  If you just want to see it in action, you can view the latest stable build that I have hosted with nodejitsu currently at http://wiz.jit.su.