Cloud 9 adds Heroku Support

--- title: "Cloud 9 adds Heroku Support" date: 2011-09-02 comments: false ---
One of my favorite online IDEs has added support for Heroku.  This is great news as I have enjoyed developing node.js applications in Cloud9 but felt that the main thing it lacked was a method to deploy directly to the cloud.  So I took it for a test run.  I signed in to Cloud 9 and created a simple hello world app, make sure you use the process.env.PORT to listen on so Heroku can deploy it properly.

Commit your changes via the Cloud 9 git interface. Then all you have to do is click the Deploy button in Cloud 9, sign in to Heroku, create your new instance, and deploy. If you haven't created a package.json or Procfile (needed for Heroku deploy), Cloud 9 will create those for you. My hello world is at