A Beatbox in the Sky

Recently I've been trying to find less nerdy things to do on Chrome OS.  I don't know if its because I've been boring myself when I analyze new cloud based development environments, or if its because I want to become a better advocate for Chrome OS and its purpose for everyone, but I started playing around with some cool applications.

I like music.  I like thinking I am a musician (I know cover bands don't really count, but almost...).  So when I saw in the Chrome Web Store a program from Aviary that would allow me to create music right in my fancy home in the cloud, I quickly installed it.  The interface is super intuitive (i.e drag n drop or click a button), so I was off and running.  There is about any sound you would need for a solid beat including drum kits, guitars, voices, even random sounds from around the house.  My first beat tracks were based off of the standard acoustic drum kit, but I soon moved myself to using claps snaps and an 8 bit organ (<<have a listen if you must).

So Aviary is an amazing website that has loads of amazing artist tools, not just music creation.  They have an audio editor where one can edit and mash together tracks, so the next step is to set up a drum track and try to play some music over the top of it in the music studio (or at least sample some of the creations that are out on Aviary's site).  The other tools all seem to be likely candidates for common use for my everyday clouding needs like screen capture and image editing.

Update:  Shortly after I posted the link to my sample sound Aviary's creation listening tool crashed.  I checked a couple creations from other folks and those were broken as well.  I'll update again when I see the link is working again.

Update: the link to the creation should work now.