Remotely Coding

--- title: "Remotely Coding" date: 2011-03-03 comments: false tags: - cr-48 - coding ---
A few weeks ago I wrote a review of some web-based tools to remotely control my PC from my Cr-48.  I have to admit that after spending a real work day remotely coding while using my Cr-48 to connect to my PC at work, the win has to go to LogMeIn.  I had thought I could ignore some of the minor issues of TeamViewer because I really enjoyed how simple it seemed, but the character mismatches from what I typed on this end to what resulted on my work PC were not tolerable.  So I think the results should really be that TeamViewer is a simple solution for perhaps remotely helping a relative with an issue on their PC, but for coding remotely, my vote is now entirely for LogMeIn.