Want a Chrome OS notebook? There is still a chance you could get one.

This morning Google sent out massive amounts of spam to us Cr-48 pilot program members as they published the posts of a new chrome notebook pilot program users group.  Sure it was a lot of emails, but Google has sent out an apology email explaining how it all happened.  Apparently a user found the group which was configured such that when he posted to the group it auto emailed everyone subscribed (some 25k members), who then replied causing more emails to flood in.  There are a couple of interesting points I have gathered from this incident.

1) A post I read was from users who have yet to receive a Cr-48.  This is either a really mean mistake by Google, or more likely, the users should make sure they check their front door for UPS deliveries in the coming week(s).

2)  There are only approximately 25,000 users.  This means if Google is keeping its word on delivering 60,000 for the pilot program there are plenty of users who signed up for the pilot that can still hope for a delivery in the coming weeks or months.

So for those of you who are wishing to join me and my 25,000 friends in testing the amazing Chrome OS on this lovely Cr-48 notebook, you still might get the chance.