Firefox Developer Edition

In my most recent talk at jQuery Chicago, I spoke about the promising future of debugging that involved the Firefox Tools Adapter which is a brilliant step forward in the world of remote debugging.

This was under the radar until the day before my talk when it was announced on the Mozilla Hacks blog. So it suddenly became a bit more mainstream.

Yesterday Mozilla has teased a developer focused version of Firefox they have codenamed #fx10 in a theatrical-like trailer. I for one am excited to see what sort of product arrives with this new browser.

So it turns out that this Firefox Developer Edition will be a replacement for the current Aurora Channel. What it will bring is a separate profile so it can run alongside the stable version of Firefox without having to mess with custom profiles. It will have easy access to developer tools, and looks as though the Firefox Tools Adapter will be built in to the product directly. This is a great advancement for those looking to use the cutting edge developer tools from Firefox on the web